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The itinerary

The Via Marchesa - Francigena is a route rich in history and culture through four regions: Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria and Tuscany.
A fascinating journey to discover slowly, step by step.
Points of departure or arrival are Pavia in Lombardy and Tuscany in Aulla.
Ideally targeted for hikers, cycling and horse riding; Via Marchesana can be covered largely with cars and small vans.
The Via Marchesana represents a path that enhances an entire territory, an area of Italy that offers historical and artistic excellence to be discovered.
The Via Marchesana with its quiet beauty extends from picturesque landscape along the Po to the depths of the valleys of the Apennines Piacenza-Parma, through the Liguria until arriving in the cozy Tuscan.
Discover this Way, means exit the Via Francigena most recognized and then reconnect, to immerse yourself in an environment that can offer varied opportunities for different types of tourism, from the cultural to the one tied to farms and rural tourism, to the food and wine, environmental, religious, sports and school.
Few territories in Italy can offer a panorama of opportunities so interesting.

Come and find out!

torre Lombardiatorre Emilia Romagnatorre Liguriatorre Toscana
Lombardia Emilia Romagna Liguria Toscana
Discover the regions of Via Marchesana !

mappa via marchesana 01

View or download the general map of Via Marchesana


torre lombardia

torre emilia-romagna

torre liguria

torre toscana

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